Online store

We create an online store where the user can view and buy the goods. We will give an opportunity to sell anything to anyone at any moment.
We think over the entire structure of the site to the smallest details. We take into account tablets and mobile phones, we go through all the way as the user first, before launching the site. We test the site from design, copyright, layout, programming to analytics systems. It is important that the user is comfortable on the site and he can easily find and buy the goods.
We think ahead and we think how to hook the user, whether cross selling, repeat sales, collection of email database and mobile numbers, forms of subscriptions.

Our online store has:

Adaptive design

Now a large number of users are looking for products from mobile phones and tablets.
For more convenient use of the online store, an adaptive design is created.

SEO promotion

When creating a store we add all the necessary meta tags and also think over the structure for the correct indexing of site pages.


For sites that target several countries, we do multilanguage, which will help attract more customers.

Individual design

Design of the online store is the main thing that catches eye of the user who moved to your site.
Beautiful, comfortable and unique design is already half the success.

Assembling the structure and navigation of the site is one of the main tasks in development of the online store. Visitors who are willing to do more than three transitions on the site in their search for the necessary information is a rarity, so it is necessary to brainstorm carefully actions of the user on the website.

For example, when designing a store, we think over how to optimally draw a user from the main page, through the product catalog, prices, to the online order form or to the contact page, so that the conversion is carried out and the visitor from the visitor is turned into a potential customer.

We create an online store on which the user will look, select and buy the goods.